Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exploring London

Arrived in London this morning and got busy seeing all the sights...

Free piano in the street for anyone to play...

The London Eye

Big Ben

Iconic red phone booth (I'm in there somewhere- promise!)

Queen's Cavalry

More at the Queen's Cavalry

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mary King's Close

Went to tour Scotland's underground streets, which are apparently haunted!

Here's a model of the Close.

A Visit to Edinburgh Castle

Beautiful views from Edinburgh Castle

Celebrating Scotland's Writers

Robert Louis Stevenson commemorative stone in the courtyard of the Writers Museum.

Stevenson statue in the museum...

Adventure in St. Andrews

The Old Course at St. Andrews

In the St. Andrews Museum

Castle ruins

Beautiful views

The Cathedral yard

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Away We Go!

Today was the start of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and what better way to celebrate than by attending the Opening Night Gala. It featured the movie done by that famous director and that fetching young lad from "The Office." (Sam Mendes & John Krasinski) They even made special appearances. Here I am with my ticket and my movie treat, all ready for the show!

Liam at Loch Lomond

Today I ventured away from me' beloved Emerald Isle to pay a visit to me' Scottish Neighbors... took the train to see Loch Lomond after arriving in Edinburgh.

Makin' friends with the swans on the bank (it's hard to see me- but I'm there!)

Loch Lomond

Releasing me' inner child on a nearby playground

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Toast to a Wonderful Bloomsday

Found a pub where we could enjoy dinner, a pint, and some Bloomsday jazz to cap off the day.

Liam Gets Scholarly

Visited Trinity College- beautiful! Here I am with a statue of a former Provost.

In Bono's Neck of the Woods

Stopped by the Clarence Hotel, owned by U2. Sadly, no sign of Bono.

Liam Meets the Locals

A few of the good folks I was lucky enough to run into around town today...

Some saucy Joycean women...

Speaking of saucy women... MOLLY MALONE

AND... a Transformer?!

Liam Celebrates Bloomsday

Partook in Bloomsday, the celebration of the day when James Joyce's Ulysses took place. Festivities included everything from readings to music to general revelry!
Even the shops got in on the fun!

Bloomsday Jazz Band at the Bank of Ireland.

Dublin Gives Liam a "Hand"

Saw this on a walk through the city- not sure what it is, or why it's there, but it sure is cool!

Monday, June 15, 2009

When in Dublin, Do as the Chinamen Do...

Mmm... sweet and sour chicken at Charlie's 3 for dinner in Dublin.

Lovely Lunch in Laragh

See, we leprechauns aren't merely good at tomfoolery and shenanigans- we also have a way with alliteration :-) We enjoyed a nice lunch at Ann's Coffee Shop in Laragh during our bus tour.


Monastic Ruins at Glendalough

More ruins...

Upper Lake

A Spot of Tea...

Well, actually there wasn't any tea involved, but there WERE really good scones at the tea room in the Woollen Mills near Glendalough.

Wild Wicklow Adventure

We took a bus tour around Wicklow, and our first stop was Bulloch Harbor in Dalkey (home of Van Morrison and Bono!!)

Hanging with the fishermen along the docks

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Celebrating James Joyce

On top of the James Joyce Tower in Sandycove.

Door to 7 Eccles Street at James Joyce Center

With the artifacts at the Joyce Center

A Couple of Walks in the Park

James Joyce in St Stephen's Green

"Enjoying the view" in Merrion Square.

Picnic in the park!

Perhaps this should be my next adventure?

Saw this ad posted in the streets of Dublin. Perhaps this is what I will do once my adventures in Ireland end?

The Tart With the Cart

Getting up close and personal with Molly Malone!